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Say "Thank You"

Written By Cláudia Rocha on 29 de março de 2016 | 20:13:00

Some months ago I read an amazing book called "Liquid Luck", by Joseph Gallenberger. My favorite chapter was the one in which he talked only about being thankful. He shared his experiences when his life changed after changing his attitude. What he did was decide he was going to be more appreciative of his World, every little detail of it. After he felt that way, he felt inspired to express how grateful he was to the people or institutions that were part of his daily life. He even sent a thank-you letter to his garbage company!

Dr. Gallenberger inspired me to be more thankful myself. He made me think about all the positive components in my life. I felt inspired to list the things I was thankful for. I began to feel happy for every single good thing that happened, big or small. I still do. Whether it's listening to the rain, drinking my morning cup of coffee, reading something that inspires me, or all the things that before seemed so trivial, so normal...now I feel how signifcant they are in my life, because they make me happy.

What makes you happy is not something small. It's something special, something that makes you better, and that you have created in your life to improve it, even without knowing it. You are the creator of the beautiful things in your life - so start by thanking yourself.

Once you make a habit out of thanking yourself for every single accomplishment, you will begin to feel inspired to also thank the things around you:
- Thank you Sun, for rising today
- Thank you food in my house, for keeping me satisfied
- Thank you clean water, for nourishing my thirst
- Thank you pet, for your unconditional love
It may sound silly, but it's really worth it to think about the things that make you happy, even if it's just a little bit. If you focus upon happiness, it grows in your life. If you thank the things you appreciate, the number of reasons to be grateful will grow, like a snowball down the hill.

What you emit, you receive. But, more important than that, how you feel is everything, and it makes all the difference. Just try it.

Thank you for reading my post.


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