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Harsh Times

Written By Cláudia Rocha on 15 de março de 2016 | 23:10:00

Enlightenment is not what most people think. It means having a clearer perspective, and knowing our true essence. But it also means contrast, a shock from "the real world", our society, the norm we must be confined to. Or so it seems.

The people who spend the most time trying to define themselves and their desires are also the ones who experience the most pain. This pain may come in the form of sadness, loss of friends and doubting everything we've been taught was right. This type of experiences happen to the enlightened individual again and again, as knowledge of self is a constant process and requires regrowth.

So to the ones who had or are having this type of problems, I understand you. If you want to feel a little better, start by remembering the times you've felt like this, and what happened when you stood up and found the strength to go on. All physical things are temporary. The only thing that is eternal is Non-Physical, for all creation comes from the spiritual realm. Yes, you've created the problem (even without knowing) but because of the problem a solution was born, and it changed your life for the better. Trust the process. Go on and don't give up. The earlier you decide to move on, the faster the solution will show itself, and you will understand how believing in yourself always pays off.


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